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Promotes relaxation & stress support without sedation. Made in Canada (Rare!). Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy, Dairy & Additive Free.  Get it  here ----------> L-thanine Caps


  • WHY Plantvital L-THEANINE? PROMOTES RELAXATION: The properties of L-theanine are perfect for relaxing without sedation. If you struggle with quality rest and elevated anxiety L-Theanine might be for you. It can help you sleep quicker by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.
  • SO WHY CHOOSE Plantvital L-THEANINE? 1). HIGHEST POTENCY - 250mg per capsule is the highest potency allowed in Canada. 2). EFFICACY: NON-DROWSY & FAST ACTING: Can provide a relaxing effect with zero drowsiness. This mean you can take it any time of day. Is also formulated to cross the brain-blood barrier for rapid and effective support. 3). MADE IN CANADA. This means triple lab tested quality and manufacturing under the strictest industry guidelines.
  • LOOKING FOR MORE RELAXATION?: The properties of L-theanine are many: relaxation without sedation, can help you fall asleep quicker and easier by helping lowering anxiety, can be taken anytime of day due its non-drowsiness, and is formulated to be fast acting.
  • NOT ALL L-THEANINE SUPPLEMENTS ARE EQUAL: Many L-Theanine supplements are manufactured overseas in factories with zero quality control. Plantvital L-Theanine is Made in Canada, is non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free, dairy, gluten, wheat and soy free, triple third party tested and manufactured in our cGMP registered facility.
  • 🇨🇦 PURCHASE TODAY 100% RISK FREE: Plantvital L-Theanine is triple 3rd party tested under the strictest industry standards. We are a small Canadian family business that doesn't answer to shareholders or investors. Our goal is to make the purest, additive free health enhancing products on the market. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. NPN 80111191.

Plantvital L-Theanine Capsules HIGH POTENCY 250MG 120 VCAPS.

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